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GO GUARD Customize Service

Anyone who purchases any Go Guard anti-bacterial mask guard can enjoy customized service at a discounted price of $50. Just enter the characters you want to print (only for all capital English characters, and not more than 10 characters). Your personalized mask guard is being processed.

*Font, Size, Color, Position, please refer to the sample photo.

Customize Service Ordering Terms
• Once order is confirmed, Once the order is confirmed, no order changes or cancellations will be accepted. Please ensure that the information is correct before submission.
• No returns or refunds are accepted for any customized products.
• It takes time to make customized products. The estimated delivery period is 20 working days. Please be patient.
• In case of any disputes, Go Guard reserves the right of final decision.


GO GUARD 訂製印名服務

凡購買任何 Go Guard 抗菌口罩套,即以優惠價 $50 加購訂製印名服務。只需輸入你想印的字 (只限全大階英文字、字母不可多於10個),即可印制出具個人風格的口罩收納套


• 訂單一經確認,將不接受任何訂單變更或取消。請於遞交前確保資料無誤。
• 任何訂製商品均不接受退貨、退款。
• 訂製商品製作需時,預估出貨期為20個工作天,請耐心等待。
• 如有任何爭議,Go Guard保留最後決定權。